About Aussies!

Australian Shepherds are incredibly smart and playful dogs!  Aussies love to follow their people around, so much that they are nicknamed "velcro dogs"!  They can be used for many dog sports and activities like obedience, agility, dock diving, herding, and flyball!  These wonderful dogs can be used in other ways like search and rescue and therapy!  


Aussies do best in homes where they have lots of room to run and activities that put them to work.  These dogs are very smart and like to have a job to do!  Aussies are easily trained and love to learn.  They are incredibly friendly and love their family - they are amazing

with children!  

According to the AKC, Australian Shepherds are the 17th most popular dog breed!  These dogs come in four colors: red, black, blue merle and red merle.  Aussies sport many different eye colors!

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